Z-Man TRD SpinZ with Willow Blade

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To give any ElaZtech® or plastic soft bait extra flash and dash, simply insert a Z-Man® TRD SpinZ™ with Willow Blade. This game-changing add-on adds a totally different character to your presentation! You can continue to fish your bait normally, and the TRD SpinZ's size #2 blade will add a lazy flicker – or you can speed things up and it becomes an excellent search bait with continuous flash to pull fish in. The molded plastic double-pronged keeper won't tear up your bait, yet holds secure; ball-bearing swivel assures smooth blade action on both the fall and the retrieve.


  • Insertable spinner adds flash to any soft bait
  • Size #2 willow spinner
  • Molded plastic double-pronged keeper
  • Ball-bearing swivel