YUM YUMbrella 5-Wire Umbrella Rig

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The YUM YUMbrella 5-Wire Rig is one of the most advanced and durable umbrella rigs (aka Alabama rig) out there. It uses five 7 inch super wires that have been repeatedly heat treated to allow for superior strength and flexibility in order to withstand harsh bites and aggressive attacks from predators. These 5 castable rigs are attached together in umbrella-style with a true-molded coupler and have 45 pound test snaps and 75 pound test swivels to ensure a solid connection between your rig and baits.

A built-in rattle system is also employed to make it even easier to draw attention from unsuspecting predators. Available in 2 colors great for bass, stripers, and other gamefish, this rig is sure to perfectly mimic a school of baitfish and bring you multiple strikes in no time.


  • The YUM YUMbrella 5-Wire Rig is an umbrella rig that lets you mimic a realistic school of baitfish.
  • Five 7-inch super wires for strength and flexibility.
  • Pre-rigged with high-quality snaps and swivels.
  • Built-in rattle chamber for added attraction.