Strike King® Rage Hawk

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Rage Hawk is 2.75” and features a super compact profile, with two Rage arms extending from the side of the bait. It is able to fit up to a 5/0 flipping hook in its smaller body style, increasing hook up ratios and presenting fish with the perfect, snack-sized bite for finicky bass. “The Rage Hawk is an awesome option for when you're getting a lot of short strikes or just want to show them something different,” says Andy Montgomery, MLF Bass Pro Tour Professional Angler.


  • 2.75" LONG but fits up to a 5/0 flipping hook perfectly
  • COMPACT PROFILE with unique craw shape
  • CAN FIT up to a 5/0 flipping hook to get the most performance out of the Rage Hawk
  • BED FISHING is when Rage Hawk has proven to be extremely productive
  • PATENTED RAGE technology ensures premium materials and action for the life of the bait