SpearPoint Fury Flip Hook

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If you are looking for a hook to increase your fish to landing ratios, look no further, the Fury Flip is ready to Brawl.


  • The Fury Flip, is a 2X strong flipping hook, built from premium high carbon steel, honed to a needle-sharp point with a large barb plated with a black nickel finish and topped off with a molded keeper barb and finished with a welded eye.
  • The Fury Flip is constructed around Spearpoint’s proven VGrip® Technology which helps perfectly present soft plastic lures, but more importantly securely holds onto fish once they have been hooked.
  • Spearpoint's VGrip® technology ensures that each fish is hooked deep, and that the hook securely holds, resulting in some of the highest hook-to-land ratios on the market.
  • The Fury Flip is the ultimate contender for Flipping techniques.