Pautzke Balls O'Fire Nectar

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There’s no other species of fish in the world that’s as receptive to scent as catfish. And after extensive testing and tweaking of some of Dad Pautzke’s most tried-and-true scent components, Pautzke Bait released Catfish Nectar, a one-of-a-kind marinade and additive for catfish baits. Simply put, it’ll change the way you fish for catfish!

A little-known fact about most of the scents that Dad Pautzke developed over the years is that they’re “universal scents”. The foundation for Catfish Nectar starts with pure egg essence, the one basic scent that all species react to.

Catfish Nectar lays the foundation for all species of catfish: blue cats, channel cats, flathead cats, bullhead, etc. And, applying it couldn’t be easier: simply soak your cut baits, whole baits, hot dogs (and even processed nuggets) in Catfish Nectar and experience a new level of success!