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Mepps® is already known world-wide for using & manufacturing the finest quality components in the fishing industry, so we asked tournament anglers, how can we make the in-line spinner even better? That question led us to this answer: The Bronze Slammer – A true tournament grade spinner.


  • Designed with an emphasis on catching big smallmouth bass on big bodies of water
  • Hand painted blades & bodies with glitter mimics various bait fish patterns that bass feed on, in addition, adds contrast to the blinding underwater flash of our silver, gold & black nickel blades
  • The heart of any in-line spinner is the clevis. Our folded solid brass clevis is what allows the blade on every Mepps® lure to start spinning as soon as the lure hits the water
  • Perfect balance of premium hand-tied bucktail & flashabou. The flashabou is designed to be more pronounced in the middle, creating extra tail action & more flash when swimming through the water.
  • The dressed treble hook on the Bronze Slammer is designed to offer an extra large profile that is over 20% larger than our standard Dressed Aglia® profile
  • VMC® Barbarian® Treble Hook features a technical locking curve, offering a 25% improved hook up rate, which decreases the chance of losing out on a big fish.