KastKing Skeet Reese Icon Reel

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Endorsed by Skeet Reese, this ICON Fishing reel is built specifically for his fishing needs - and if it’s good enough for him on tour, it’s good enough for anybody. Skeet is extremely particular about his equipment, and this is the spinning reel he puts his trust behind when competing on tour.

The Icon Spinning Reel is built with an aluminum frame and main covers and features a robust carbon fiber rotor. In addition, the Fishing reel includes a 4mm stainless steel spindle, a 32.3mm machined zinc alloy main gear and a precision cut brass pinion gear, SR ICON Fishing reels are built for long-lasting performance

Skeet Reese Icon Baitcasting Reel's Automag Dual Braking System utilizes a one-piece magnet ring & centrifugal adaptability to improve casting distance and reduce overruns. The 7.2:1 gear ratio is ideal for topwater baits, jerkbaits, jigs, and other techniques that create slack in your line. The higher gear-ratio comes in handy for solid hooksets on long casts, further reducing missed bites.

Triple Disc Carbon Fiber Drag Washers provide up to 17.6 lbs. of maximum drag to stop fighting fish. And the double bearing supported pinion gear is 35% smoother under load and 30% more durable.

The TPE handle knobs are incredibly comfortable and provide anglers with a better grip and complete control. The KastKing patented LFTV (Low Friction Tapered Vortex) line guide limits the amount of friction on the line allowing for greater casting distance.

KRLCSTSR-72RGS Right Handed Aluminium 7.2:1 17.64

AutoMag Dual Braking System

KRLCSTSR-72LGS Left Handed Aluminium 7.2:1 17.64 AutoMag Dual Braking System 7.0 Aluminum Alloy 29.8 11+1 10/130, 12/110, 14/90 40/125, 50/110, 65/80 99.99