KastKing Line Boss

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  • KEY FEATURES – Manage loose line on leader and filler spools – Easy to use and adjustable to any size spool – Spool Spinning and Casting reels with ideal tension – High quality woven material construction.
  • EASY TO USE – The KastKing Line Boss is very simple and easy to use. Thread fishing line through the stainless-steel eyelet, place the Line Boss on your line spool, hold the pull tab and slide the collar toward the spool to apply tension to the band to secure your line on the spool.
  • MANAGE YOUR LINE SPOOLS – The Line Boss adjusts to fit any spool of fishing line and is ideal for managing the line on your filler spools and leader spools. Sliding the collar allows you to add the perfect tension for keeping the line on your spool for storage and helps to control fishing line as you pull line off the spool for leader material.
  • COMPATITBLE WITH KASTKING LINE SPOOLING TOOLS – When used in conjunction with KastKing line spooling tools, the Line Boss applies the necessary tension to spool spinning and casting reels without any line twist. The Line Boss could also be used to apply tension to a spool of line held on a pencil or shaft while spooling a reel.
  • QUALITY CONSTRUCTION – The KastKing Line Boss is woven with flexible elastic material allowing for adjustment to nearly any spool diameter. A stainless-steel eyelet captures the loose end of fishing line and guides the line during the spooling process or for pulling off a section of line for a leader.