Z-Man Finesse Shroomz

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The Z-Man® Finesse BulletZ™ Jighead represents ultimate precision for the bass angler on a mission. There is simply no more stable, secure, or naturally sleek way to present a small weighted swimbait or finesse craw. Its cone-shaped head butts perfectly with your rigged plastic and is extremely weed-resistant, slithering easily through grass and snag zones. With the secondary swim weight/keeper on the hook shank, the Finesse BulletZ Jighead offers an incredibly balanced, sure-tracking profile. Built around a custom #1 VMC® heavy wire, extra-wide-gap hook.


  • Lightens jig weight without downsizing the softbait
  • Enables a slower fall and subtle action
  • Allows presentation of a substantial meal
  • Heavy-duty 3/0 black-nickel hook
  • Mid-shank welded wire keeper