Z-MAN® Turbo FattyZ™

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A beefed-up, bulked-up, tournament-grade swimming worm, the Turbo FattyZ™ puts good vibes in the water with its distinctive curved paddletail. It's an advanced tail design—built with intel from Z-Man pro Miles "Sonar" Burghoff—that swims and thumps at all retrieve speeds, including on the fall. Salt impregnation in the main body tickles bass taste buds and adds extra casting density, especially effective for fishing on an unweighted hook. The super adaptable Turbo FattyZ™ fishes any way you want—buzzing the surface, swimming subsurface, or Texas- or Carolina-rigging—and is available in 8 distinctive Z-Man color patterns hand-selected by our pros.


  • ultimate swimming worm
  • 6” beefy profile
  • equipped with our exclusive curved paddle tail for maximum commotion on all retrieves speeds
  • its buoyant 10X Tough ElaZtech® construction ensures that it stays on top of the slop for buzzing surface retrieves