Z-Man Trick ShotZ

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It's near impossible to do it wrong when you add a Z-Man® Trick ShotZ™ tail to your dropshot rig. Its limber, lightly ribbed ElaZtech® body is specially designed to work the thin spade-shaped tail at the slightest nudge of your rod tip, creating lifelike action at any angle and any depth. Naturally buoyant, a nose-hooked Trick ShotZ won't sink to the bottom at rest; instead, it stays up, with the nose down and tail waving upward, just as in nature. The exclusive ElaZtech material is extremely tear-resistant, so the nippers aren't likely to rip the bait off the rig; salt-impregnated to encourage a strong take followed by a solid hookset.


  • Designed for use on a dropshot rig
  • Limber, lightly ribbed ElaZtech body
  • Thin spade-shaped tail
  • Delivers lifelike action with any movement
  • Holds a natural nose down, tail up posture
  • Buoyant and tear-resistant
  • Salt-impregnated to hold the bite