Z-Man TRD Tubez 2.75''

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The Z-Man® Finesse TRD™ (The Real Deal) TubeZ™ is the perfect finesse tube bait. Reasons: It's the right size (2-3/4") for targeting everything from bass to walleyes to crappies; it's made of Z-Man's advanced ElaZtech® material, which is ultra-soft yet incredibly tough; it features a salty, dimpled body texture that game fish love to hang on to; it has thin, round, constantly waving tentacles and is naturally buoyant, for enticing stand-up action; it has a solid head, for easy rigging on any jighead; and its flat nose makes it perfect for snugging onto the Z-Man Finesse ShroomZ™ jighead (sold separately) for a new take on the popular Ned Rig. Oh, and by the way, it catches fish like crazy.


  • The perfect finesse tube bait
  • Ideal size for bass, walleyes, or crappies
  • Ultra-soft, incredibly tough ElaZtech construction
  • Salted, dimpled body to hold the bite
  • Naturally buoyant; stands at rest
  • Thin, round, super-active tentacles
  • Solid head for easy rigging
  • Flat nose pairs perfectly with a Finesse ShroomZ jighead
  • Provides a great variation on the Ned Rig