Z-Man TRD BugZ 2.75''

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It may look like a mutant from the future, but rest assured: the Z-Man® TRD™ BugZ creature bait has plenty of old-fashioned bass-busting appeal, despite its pixelated look. The many edges of the body rings, legs, and tail give this bug an unusually appetizing sound as it scrapes through heavy cover. Scaled down to Ned rig size, the TRD BugZ gives you a unique option for tough-bite rigging on a jighead or finesse rig. Made of Z-Man's stretchy, ultra-soft and durable 10X Tough ElaZtech® material; extremely buoyant, it stands off bottom at rest, like a burrowing insect. Slurp!


  • Unique bug-like small creature bait
  • Ringed body with ridged appendages
  • Sized for Ned rigs and other finesse applications
  • Made of ultra-soft, durable 10X Tough ElaZtech
  • Extremely buoyant for a natural look