Z-MAN® Palmetto BugZ™

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A streamlined shape, ribbed torso, meaty body, and oversized tail appendages make this 4” creature the bait of choice of our ProZ for flipping, pitching, punching, and other heavy cover applications.

Ideal for heavy cover applications like flipping, pitching, and punching, the Palmetto BugZ™'s streamlined design allows it to slide through cover easily, while its ringed 4" body results in added vibration, trapped air bubbles, and a softer feel, and makes it less likely to stick to wood and other obstructions. While other competitive plastics sit motionless on the bottom at rest, its oversized tail appendages float up off the bottom and come to life thanks to the buoyant ElaZtech® material. The Palmetto BugZ™ is salt-impregnated to add taste, weight, and texture to enhance its fish-catching capabilities. Best of all, its 10X Tough superplastic construction is built to last so you can keep landing the big ones. Cast after cast, pitch after pitch, flip after flip, and fish after fish.


  • ringed 4" body
  • buoyant ElaZtech® material, oversized tail appendages
  • salt-impregnated
  • 10X Tough superplastic construction