Z-MAN® OG™ Mushroom Jigheads

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This reproduction of the classic ‘mushroom head jig’ that started the whole Ned Rig craze is still the preferred jighead of Midwest finesse enthusiasts including Ned Kehde himself!

Resurrecting the classic mushroom jighead cherished by finesse fishing and Ned Rig enthusiasts, the OG™ Mushroom Jighead pairs perfectly with all ElaZtech® finesse baits.


  • molded to match the definitive half-head mushroom shape
  • sports a needle-point VMC® hook in three popular sizes: 1/32-oz #4, 1/16-oz #4 and 3/32-oz #2
  • Heads are precisely crafted and ultra-smooth, armed with a molded-in double keeper for pinning softbaits securely.
  • Durable powder-coated finishes include red, blue, chartreuse, black and green pumpkin patterns.