Z-MAN® Midwest Finesse Swim Jig™

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Developed in conjunction with Ned Rig system co-creator and finesse fishing guru Drew Reese, this finesse size swim jig boasts superior stability, snaglessness, and fish catching prowess in tough conditions thanks to its compact size, StabilTrack™ head shape, and sticky-sharp light wire 3/0 hook.

Precision-engineered and perfectly balanced, the Midwest Finesse Swim Jig™ is built on Z-Man's proprietary StabilTrack™ jighead design.


  • sporting a grooved underbelly that prevents rolling at all retrieve speeds
  • lifelike 3D eyes accentuate the effect
  • agile brush-guard and sparsely skirted configuration matches light-line, finesse applications and pint-sized trailers
  • custom light wire needlepoint 3/0 hook allows for effortless hooksets with light tackle and is armed with a welded wire keeper for easy rigging and holding ElaZtech® trailers, such as the Baby GOAT or Slim SwimZ, securely.
  • Six color patterns and three sizes (5/32-, 3/16- and 1/4-ounce) available.