Z-MAN® Micro GOAT™

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This 1.75" micro creature bait, like its larger twin kicking tail GOAT brethren, is an amazingly versatile option for swimming, jigging or dragging for all your favorite species from crappie to smallmouth.

A wonderfully versatile panfish-catching profile, the Micro GOAT™ sprouts fine, flattened dual kicker legs, finished with and water-catching curved paddletails that tirelessly pulse and swim at any retrieve speed, including during the drop. The Micro GOAT’s ribbed body amps up water displacement and air bubble emissions for surplus vibration and visual appeal. The micro creature’s extra soft ElaZtech® texture promotes effortless swimming and thumping action. While this same 10X Tough material resists tail bite-offs from smaller nuisance fish. Material’s natural buoyancy also allows the Micro GOAT to hover in a lifelike horizontal posture, especially effective under a bobber.


  • Downsized rendition of the popular GOAT profile is ideal for micro finesse applications
  • Twin action tails incorporate unique curved paddle tail design found on other popular Z-Man lures
  • Produces thumping action at all retrieve speeds and even on the fall
  • Ribbed body increase water displacement and trap air bubbles for added appeal
  • 10X Tough ElaZtech® construction provides for extreme durability and buoyancy
  • Can be rigged horizontally or vertically to mimic invertebrates and baitfish, respectively
  • Exceptional crappie and multispecies producer for casting or slow-trolling techniques
  • Available in ten vibrant colors for a variety of multispecies pursuits