Z-Man Mag Shroomz Weedless

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When it's time to upsize, the Z-Man® Mag Shroomz™ Weedless Jighead gives you the means to present big softbaits in cover without changing your stealthy approach. This magnum-sized jig features a rockin' mushroom-shaped head molded on a custom 6/0 wide-gap jig hook; whether you toss it toward vegetation, skip to overhead cover, or scrape it down a dropoff, this wide-open design allows plenty of room for solid jaw penetration. Equipped with an adjustable double multi-strand wire weedguard and a unique welded wire keeper at mid-shank, the Mag Shroomz Weedless Jighead holds ElaZtech® baits and other soft tails firmly in place at all times. Definitely a big-fish bait!


  • Designed for big baits/big fish
  • Snug-nesting mushroom head
  • Custom 6/0 wide-gap jig hook
  • Double multi-strand wire weedguard
  • Welded wire bait keeper