Z-MAN® Long ShotZ™

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This staple inshore profile is extremely versatile and effective on all coasts for flounder, fluke, seatrout, redfish, and more. A pot-bellied profile provides a more natural look than other grub-style baits, while a ventral and dorsal hook slots make for easy weedless rigging and serve as guides for rigging straight on a jighead. While its curly style tail may look like that of other competitive softbaits, the super soft ElaZtech® material helps it really come to life and undulate on super slow retrieves and on the fall. And, thanks to infusion with natural Pro-Cure® Super Gel scent and 10X Tough construction, Scented Curly TailZ™ will outfish and outlast other inshore baitfish imitations on the market!


  • thin body
  • tapered nose
  • flat belly
  • minimalist spade tail
  • 10X Tough ElaZtech® constructio
  • the most sought-after color combinations among serious bass anglers
  • 6” worm