Z-MAN® LizardZ™

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The classic bass fishing profile, made even better with Z-Man’s exclusive ElaZtech® formulation that allows this 6” lizard imitation to float up off the bottom when Carolina or Texas rigged and outlast competitive softbaits by a wide margin!

A smooth body style, curly tail, and natural-swimming legs converge to make LizardZ™ as enticing as they are versatile. These super-durable, salt-impregnated lizards excel when rigged Texas or Carolina style because they float off the bottom thanks to their super buoyant material. While the soft plastic lizard style bait has been around for decades, only in recent years has this profile reached its full potential thanks to Z-Man’s groundbreaking ElaZtech® superplastic material.


  • smooth body style, curly tail, and natural-swimming legs
  • super-durable, salt-impregnated
  • super buoyant material
  • groundbreaking ElaZtech® superplastic material