Z-Man HellraiZer

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Instead of raising ruckus with an ordinary topwater lure, you can raise hell on water fishing the demon-like Z-Man® HellraiZer Lure. This topwater terror walks, sputters and carves up the surface like a panicked baitfish possessed to escape becoming prey. ChatterBait® inventor Ron Davis designed the HellraiZer with a similar fish-hooking soul and the movement of a surface creeper. An exclusive weighted tail blade attached to the feathered treble hook focuses maximum attention right where you want the strike. Thin, minimalist body with belly line tie planes effortlessly in a fleeing action using a steady retrieve at both fast and slow speeds.


  • Moves like a panicked baitfish
  • Created by ChatterBait inventor Ron Davis
  • Exclusive weighted tail blade
  • Rear feathered treble hook
  • Thin, minimalist body with belly line tie