Z-MAN® Gremlin™

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Constructed from our specialized ElaZtech® ‘flipping’ formulation, this B.Lat-designed 4.5" creature bait is ready to be pitched into cover to attract strikes from the big ones!

Designed by Z-Man pro Brian “B.Lat” Latimer, the Gremlin™ presents bass with a bulky, creature bait profile with radical action-driven anatomy. Ribbed body increases water displacement and palatable texture, while trapping and exuding air bubbles for visual enticement. Twin curly tails and unique side appendages activate effortlessly, producing ceaseless movement and subtle quivering action. Constructed from specialized ElaZtech® ‘flipping’ formulation, the Gremlin offers enhanced durability with easier hook penetration. Its polygonal body core holds hook point securely, even when dragged through heavy cover. Buoyant ElaZtech® superplastic material rises off bottom at rest.


  • Designed by Z-Man pro Brian ‘B.Lat’ Latimer
  • Bulky creature bait profile spec’d out with flipping in mind, but suited for a wide range of applications including Texas rigging, Carolina rigging, or shaky head style fishing
  • Ribbed body increases presence and water displacement, while trapping air bubbles and producing a softer feel
  • Twin curly tails and side appendages activate with the slightest motion, producing a subtle action and vibration
  • Constructed from new ElaZtech® ‘flipping’ formulation that enhances durability while allowing for easier hook penetration when hook point is embedded in body
  • Polygonal body core holds hook point securely, even when dragged through heavy cover
  • Buoyant superplastic material floats up off bottom at rest
    Offered in eight color schemes, hand-picked by B.Lat himself