Z-MAN® Football NedZ™

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Now you can drag your Ned Rig baits across rocky bottoms while maintaining bottom contact and reducing snagging.

Walk rocky bottoms and take your Ned Rig game to new depths with Z-Man's compact Football NedZ™ Jighead. A custom medium wire 1/0 black nickel hook makes rigging your favorite finesse baits a breeze, while a unique welded wire keeper locks them securely to the shank. An oblong, precision-molded football jighead drags seamlessly across rock and other terrain, pivoting, sliding over and activating the bait as it contacts obstructions. A perfect match for Hula StickZ™, Finesse TRD™, Baby GOAT™, TRD BugZ™ and other popular ElaZtech® finesse baits, the this miniature football jighead is offered in 1/8-, 3/16- and 1/4-ounce in Green Pumpkin and Black finishes.


  • compact football-shaped jighead
  • equipped with the perfect medium wire size 1/0 hook
  • welded wire keeper for easy rigging