Z-MAN® Finesse EyeZ™ Jigheads

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The preeminent finesse jighead for systematic finesse, swimbait and soft jerkbait fishing, the Finesse EyeZ™ Jighead calls on a low-center-of-gravity head with Z-Man's grooved StabilTrack™ design to maintain perfect balance at all retrieve speeds, or when fished vertically. Oversized 3D eyeballs highlight four jig color patterns, focusing predatory attention and creating a pronounced strike target. Built around custom needle-point, light wire black nickel hooks, the Finesse EyeZ™ comes in two hook sizes and five jig weights: 1/12- to 3/8-oz with 1/0 or 3/0 hooks. A welded wire keeper facilitates easy, secure rigging of ElaZtech® softbaits, locking them firmly into place. An ideal jighead for vertical fishing or "moping" with a StreakZ™ 3.75, 4" Finesse ShadZ™ or 4" or 5" Jerk ShadZ™, or for finesse swimbait applications using a 2.5” or 3” Slim SwimZ™, 4” MinnowZ™, or 4” DieZel MinnowZ™.


  • Made for finesse swimbait and vertical ‘moping’ applications
  • low center of gravity design
  • channeled StabilTrack™ belly
  • oversized realistic 3D ‘fish eyes’
  • detailed paint schemes add attraction over ordinary jigheads