Z-MAN® DoormatadorZ™

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Take 10X Tough ElaZtech® 5” and 6” grub bodies, mold them in the most vibrant and popular saltwater colors, and juice them with ProCure® Flounder Pounder scent, and you’ve got the most productive, longest lasting bait out there for bottom dwellers like fluke, flounder, halibut, snapper, rockfish, grouper, and more!


  • full-figured curly tail grub profile
  • exceptional offering for fluke, flounder and other aggressive species
  • ideal for use with bucktail jigs, dropper- and other bottom rigs
  • buoyant ElaZtech® composition floats off bottom at rest or when dragged slowly, presenting a highly visible strike target
  • durable ElaZtech® construction also withstands repeated strikes, even from toothy saltwater gamefish
  • active grub tail composed of super-soft ElaZtech material undulates and vibrates at all retrieve speeds
  • highly visible, bright color schemes are tailored for fluke and other popular species
  • 100-percent natural ProCure® Flounder Pounder Super Gel scent boosts the bait's appeal