Z-MAN® CrossEyeZ™ Snakehead Swim Jig

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When jig fishing guru David Walker set out to build a swim jig that comes through cover better than any other, he took a page out of mother nature’s book and used the shape of a snake’s head to enable the jig to effortlessly slither through grass and plane to the surface.

The brainchild of jig fishing savant David Walker, the CrossEyeZ™ Snakehead Swim Jig takes a cue from mother nature.


  • with a head design modeled after that of a snake to allow it to slide through grass and cover easily
  • made from a super-hard virgin lead allow that prevents denting and paint chipping
  • built on a heavy duty 4/0 VMC® flipping hook
  • boasts a molded plastic split-grip keeper that grips all types of plastic trailers securely without affecting the perfect balance of the jig
  • skirt patterns designed by David himself that are hand-tied with copper wire for extreme longevity