Z-MAN® ChatterSpike™

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Featuring a pintail baitfish profile and segmented body, the ChatterSpike pairs perfectly with all standard bass-sized ChatterBait® bladed jigs to produce an enticing, undulating action at all retrieve speeds. Its 10X Tough ElaZtech® construction ensures that it will long outlast competitive trailers, while its streamlined profile enhances bait movement without dampening blade-driven vibration.

Crafted by the original ChatterBait® company, the 4.5-inch ChatterSpike refreshes your favorite bladed jigs and spinnerbaits with lively, seductive motion. Unlike other trailers that can overpower and minimize blade-driven vibration, the ChatterSpike’s pintail baitfish profile comes alive and quivers enticingly when paired with ChatterBait bladed jigs. Composed 10X Tough ElaZtech® superplastic, the ChatterSpike withstands countless strikes and bass battles, while its impossibly soft texture frees its segmented body and tail to swim with ease. Pronounced V-shaped ridges on top and bottom tail surfaces increase water displacement and quivering motion; the ChatterSpike’s pyramidal cross section and segmented body increases energy transmission from ChatterBait vibration, enhancing bait motion. For easy weedless rigging, simply slide the hook into dorsal and ventral hook slots. Perfectly matched to standard bass-sized bladed jigs, the 4.5” ChatterSpike comes in ten ChatterBait-matching color schemes.


  • Pintail baitfish profile designed for use as a ChatterBait® trailer, but also ideal for a variety of other applications
  • Segmented body and tapering tail with pyramidal cross section increase energy transmission from ChatterBait® vibration, enhancing bait action
  • Pronounced V-shaped ridges on top and bottom tail surfaces increase water displacement and quivering motion
  • Constructed from 10X Tough ElaZtech® superplastic for extreme durability
  • Dorsal and ventral hook slots for easy weedless rigging
  • 5” size pairs perfectly with standard bass-size blade jigs
  • Offered in ten colors to match most popular ChatterBait® color schemes