Z-MAN® Boar HogZ™ (4”)

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Super-versatile 4” creature bait profile is ideal for a variety of applications from Texas-rigging to dragging along the bottom on a wobble head and far outlasts other comparable softbaits, thanks to its 10X Tough ElaZtech® construction.

The 4" Boar HogZ is a super-versatile power-fishing bait that anglers can employ for a wide array of applications ranging from penetrating thick, matted vegetation to dragging along the bottom on a wobble head or football jig.

Designed in conjunction with Z-Man ProZ Luke Clausen, Stephen Browning, and David Walker in response to continued requests from bass fisherman for a compact creature bait.


  • 10X Tough durability
  • ribbed body
  • tapered legs
  • action-packed textured
  • twin curly tails
  • ideal for a variety of presentations ranging from Texas rigging to pinning on a jig as a trailer