Z-Man Big TRD

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Finesse fishing isn't always about trying to force-feed tiny snacks to reluctant bass! The Z-Man® Big TRD™ is a true finesse bait, designed to pair perfectly with Z-Man's Power Finesse ShroomZ™ jighead—but its beefy profile tends to draw more attention and pull bigger bites than your typical finesse offering. It's a fat stickworm, partially ringed and partially nubbed, made of Z-Man's buoyant, ultra-soft and stretchy ElaZtech® material, and bass love it. Fish it wacky style, on a Texas or Carolina rig, behind a ShroomZ, or even on a homemade Ned Rig in place of your usual finesse presentation, and see the difference a little extra "beef" can make. Made in USA.


  • A beefed-up finesse stickworm
  • Made of buoyant, ultra-soft and stretchy ElaZtech
  • Designed to draw attention and pull big bites
  • Pairs perfectly with the Power Finesse ShroomZ jighead
  • Great on a wacky, Texas, Carolina, or Ned rig