VMC® WWJ Wacky Weedless Jig

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Featuring several key innovations that set it apart from other worm hooks on the market, Ike integrated some of the tricks and tweaks that tournament pros have used for years to put winning fish in the boat. For one, this weedless jig head has a hook point that’s offset by 3-degrees to greatly increase your hook up ratio. It also features an extra wide gap that allows it to accommodate a wide variety of wacky rigged baits. The head is perfectly balanced as well to help elicit that crazy wacky jig head action, and its light wire stainless steel weed guard helps prevent snags, while not inhibiting hook sets. The product of 100 years of hook making experience combined with decades of tournament experience. Pitch the VMC® Wacky Weedless Jig Head into heavy cover - and watch it work.


  • Offset Point
  • Extra Wide Gap
  • Stainless Weed Guard
  • Flick Shake
  • Perfect When Pitching Into Heavy Cover