VMC Tokyo Rig HD Wide Gap

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Versatility, Ingenuity, and Durability all rolled into one, the VMC Tokyo Rig is designed to give bass a new look at your favorite soft baits. At the core of the VMC Tokyo Ring is a solid ring, attached to which is a VMC heavy duty offset hook and a premium VMC rolling swivel that serves as the line tie. At the bottom of the Tokyo rig is a straight wire, which enables the angler to simply slide their weight of choice onto the rig and bend the wire back to lock it in place. When completed, the VMC Tokyo Rig gives the angler the ability to fish it in grass, rock, wood, or even punch it into heavy cover. Think of the VMC Tokyo Rig as a heavy cover, indestructible drop shot rig and you can imagine how versatile and customizable this set-up can truly be.