VMC Crossover Pliers

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The VMC Crossover Pliers are designed to maximizes efficiencies when rigging soft plastics or worms. To operate, simply slide the desired size Crossover Ring over the closed jaws, compress the plier handles to open the jaws, stretching the Crossover Ring, insert and position a soft plastic into the Crossover Ring, slowly close the jaws by releasing tension to the handle while stabilizing the Crossover Rings position, while holding one end of the soft plastic, pull the pliers away from the rig.


  • Made of lightweight durable plastic
  • Built-in compartments within the handles keeps rings organized and ready to rig the next presentation
  • Includes four 6 mm VMC Crossover Rings (additional sizes sold separately)
  • The patent pending VMC Crossover Ring has a dual-channel hood which allows either Neko or Wacky style rigging