Texas Tackle Standard Split Ring Pliers

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If you've torn your thumbnail or cut yourself with your knife trying to pry open a stubborn split ring, then you'll really appreciate these great split ring pliers from Texas Tackle. Texas Tackle used top grade surgical stainless steel for precision and durability, and they completely covered the handles with a slip-resistant, textured plastic grip to ensure maximum control - even when your hands are wet.

Best of all, a spring automatically opens the pliers, so all it takes is one hand on the lure and one hand on the tool to easily remove any split ring. The handy 5-inch size will fit in any tackle box. Called "the world's best split ring pliers" by Saltwater Sportsman Magazine - the Texas Tackle Split Ring Pliers. Get a pair today.


  • Bar none, These are the best Split ring pliers ever made!
  • Stainless Split-Ring Pliers - Now "PATENTED".
  • These are the split ring pliers that Salt Water Sportsman Magazine called the "World's Best Split-Ring Pliers" and have been written up in BASSMASTER, IN-FISHERMAN, WALLEYE IN-SIDER, THE FISHERMAN, SALTWATER SPORTSMAN, SPORTFISHING, FLORIDA SPORTSMAN, SPORTS AFIELD, and many other magazines and books.
  • It's a new design that's the easiest to use and WORKS like it is supposed to!!
  • They are made of high quality surgical stainless steel for corrosion resistance and dependable long life.