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  • Oxygen And Water Conditioning Tablets For Use In Minnow Buckets With Live Baits.

Recommended only for professional bait holding distributors who are conditioning large quantities of water and possess accurate weighing devices. Otherwise, we highly recommend the use of BETTER-BAIT™, FINER-SHINER™, or FUNGUS-AID™. For those who use ACRIFLAVINE™, their water will be colored yellow to help treat:
Skin disorders due to parasites.
Skin sores due to bacterial infections.
Oodinium (parasitic algae) commonly referred to as Velvet Disease.
Columnaris which is a cottony white growth on the body of the fins.
One gram of ACRIFLAVINE™ will treat 300 gallons of water.

Use care when handling this product to avoid staining of skin and clothing.