Strike King® Sexy Dawg Hard Knock Saltwater

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Strike King’s battle-tested topwater weapon, the Sexy Dawg Hard Knock, is a 4.5-inch premium saltwater lure that “walks” side-to-side when retrieved for explosive topwater action. The Sexy Dawg features a loud and unmistakable “knock” that attracts fish and draws strikes. Strike King’s saltwater-grade Mustad Triple-Grip treble hooks are heavy duty to withstand the punishment of hard-fighting fish. The hooks, swivels and line eye are built with durable, corrosion-resistant steel to meet the pressure of years of saltwater fishing, and the Sexy Dawg Hard Knock paint job stands up to the constant abuse of fishing near heavy rock walls, sharp oyster beds and hard-charging fish


  • KEY SPECS: The Sexy Dawg Hard Knock by Strike King is wide-bodied and 4.5-inches for a major, unmistakable disturbance on the water surface. The hard plastic lure weights 5/8-ounce for long and accurate casts with heavier line and for the ideal action when retrieved. It features a steel sound chamber that emits a loud and defiant knock, attracting fish and drawing heart-pounding reaction strikes. The sound chamber also adds to the Sexy Dawg Hard Knock’s exceptional casting distance
  • SUPERIOR HOOKS: Strike King fashioned the Sexy Dawg Hard Knock with Mustad premium saltwater-grade Triple Grip hooks that are dynamite when fish are slapping at a surface bait. The hooks are unbelievably strong for brawls with saltwater giants
  • EXCEPTIONAL MATERIALS: for the Sexy Dawg Hard Knock, Strike King uses corrosion-resistant swivels, line eyes and terminal components to withstand the abuse of years of saltwater fishing
  • SECOND-TO-NONE PERFORMANCE: The Sexy Dawg Hard Knock is a battle-tested bait, trusted for years by pros, top-performing guides and avid anglers alike. Even new anglers can easily maintain an unmistakable, eye-catching action on the surface with the Sexy Dawg, “walking” the bait side-to-side in a cadence that fish do not ignore. It is ideal around shallow cover like weed lines and oyster beds and can pull fish out of mangroves for vicious reaction strikes. Anglers also depend on the Sexy Dawg Hard Knock when big game are feeding near bait pods or suspended over shallow ledges and creek beds. Its performance is matched only by its versatility
  • REALISTIC AND VIBRANT: Each Sexy Dawg Hard Knock features realistic 3D eyes. Strike King offers the bait in nine vibrant colors that mimic saltwater predators’ natural forage