Strike King® Saltwater Flood Minnow

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Strike King’s 3.5-inch Flood Minnow features a highly durable plastic body to withstand powerful strikes without tearing. Built with a wide-profile tail that displaces water and maintains incredible fishing action whether crawled slowly across the bottom or burned quickly. Available in 12 vibrant, Eyed-catching colors that entice fish draw powerful reaction strikes.


  • KEY SPECS: Strike King’s Saltwater Flood Minnow features a highly durable plastic that is designed to withstand a punishing day on the flats with brutal strikes and multiple re-rigging without tearing or compromising the strength of the plastic. The Flood Minnow paddle tail bait is 3.5-inches, the ideal size to cover water quickly and target a variety of water conditions and cover
  • VERSATILITY ON THE WATER: Saltwater Captains, competitors and avid anglers alike trust Strike King for second-to-none performance on the water. The Flood Minnow is a reliable choice for pitching under mangroves for predators ambushing prey, covering water quickly across shallow water flats, skipping docks and bridge columns, and jigging down rock or grass banks. It is the trusted soft plastic of serious saltwater anglers
  • RIGGING: Anglers rig the Flood Minnow in a multitude of ways. It is ideal for a jig head, like the Redfish Magic Flats Jig Head by Strike King. 1/8-ounce is the primary jig head weight of choice for fishing in shallow water or in low wind conditions, while 1/2-ounce is ideal for fishing deeper ledges, ditches and drop-offs. The Flood Minnow is also exceptional Texas Rigged for pitching near heavy cover or around oyster beds. The bait excels for redfish, sea trout, flounder, grouper and snook
  • REALISTIC AND VIBRANT: The Strike King Flood Minnow features a thin, flexible body that moves like the real thing for a life-like presentation. The bait is available in 12 vibrant, Eyed-popping colors, hand-chosen by the exceptional saltwater pro staff at Strike King