Strike King® Rage Menace Saltwater

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Saltwater captains and weekend anglers alike are discovering a hidden freshwater secret. Introducing the all new line of exclusive saltwater colors for the legendary Strike King Rage Menace. This 3.5-inch grub features the premium swimming action of the Strike King Rage Tail, vibrating and displacing water at any speed. Perfect as a trailer for a bladed swim jig, like the Thunder Cricket, and dynamite on a jig head, the swimming action of this lethal bait is rivaled only by its versatility.


  • UNMATCHED VERSATILITY: Nothing beats Strike King's legendary Rage Menace for its range of applications. Unbeatable on a jig head or under a popping cork. Absolutely lethal as a trailer to a Thunder Cricket
  • READY FOR ANY SITUATION: This powerful lure is exceptional for covering open water across the flats, pitching under mangroves and around boat docks. It excels swimming through oyster beds in search of ambushing predators. Regardless of your style of fishing, don't leave the ramp without the Strike King Rage Menace
  • NEW SALTWATER COLORS: For those fishing through the marsh, the surf and the open waters, Strike King is pleased to offer this fan favorite in new Saltwater Colors that mimic the natural prey of snook, redfish, flounder, and a host of predators
  • POWERFUL SWIMMING ACTION: There is simply no swimming action like that of Strike King's exclusive Rage Tail Series. The twin tails of the Rage Menace vibrate and swim whether you are burning across the flats at a high rate of retrieval or slowly bouncing it around grasslines