Strike King® KVD Popping Perch

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Kevin VanDam and his fellow pros have come up with the liveliest hollow-bodied topwater bait yet. There isn't much the Strike King® KVD Popping Perch can't do to execute your topwater strategy for the day. Simply work your rod to make it twitch, skip, walk, crawl, spit, splash, crash, pop, or whatever. Simulates a wounded, disoriented baitfish. No matter how dense the cover, the KVD Popping Perch demands attention, and when the blowup comes, its body collapses and that big, strong double hook bites back with a vengeance. Fish it anywhere!


  • Simulates a wounded, disoriented baitfish
  • Collapsible body
  • Strong double hook
  • Extremely weedless; can be fished anywhere
  • 5.5" long
  • 1/2oz