Strike King® Hack Attack Heavy Cover Spinner Bait

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Designed with the help of Bassmaster Elite Series veteran pro, Greg Hackney, the Strike King Hack Attack Heavy Cover Spinnerbait is one of the finest, feature-packed spinnerbaits ever from Strike King. It comes equipped with a Gamakatsu extra-strong Siwash hook that won’t open up--even with braided line--and its contoured head design helps the lure to deflect off cover, while the long arm wire minimizes hang-ups. It also comes loaded with premium full-size blades that enhance lift, keeping the bait in the strike zone longer, and its Perfect Skirt with Magic Tails generates more action than typical skirts.


  • The 1/2oz Hack Attack Heavy Cover Spinner Bait is the ideal bait of choice when fishing around heavy grass, laydowns, brush piles, stumps and more. This spinner bait can get through anything and find the giants that are buried in the heaviest of cover.

  • The 3/4oz Hack Attack Heavy Cover Spinner Bait is second to none when it comes to dealing with the heavy stuff. This spinner bait is extremely reliable and will put more fish in your livewell.

  • Gamakatsu extra-strong Siwash hook
  • 3D eyes
  • premium full-size blades
  • Perfect Skirt with Magic Tails