SPRO KGB Chad Shad 180

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​Providing high performance, versatility, and user-friendly functionality, the new KGB Chad Shad 180 is designed with experience to deliver the performance of a custom hand-built bait. Anglers can enjoy absolute control of depth and direction in everything from wide glides to choppy cuts. Beginner or pro, this bait does the work on its own, so a beginner can have a high precision bait from the get-go, or a pro can use this as their secret weapon to snag a big bag for the weigh-in.


  • Perfected to provide the performance of a custom hand-built bait.
  • From super slow retrieves to the fastest burn, wide glides or choppy cuts, this bait does it all.
  • Size: 180 mm long
  • Weight: 2.4 oz.
  • ROF: 3-4'
  • Hook: Gamakatsu # 1 (47410) Round Bend Treble
  • Swivel: Power Swivel (SPSB-02)