SPIKE-IT Jig-N-Coat™

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Jig-N-Coat™ is a tough, non-flammable powder coating that provides a simple and economical method for customizing jig heads, spoons and other metal lures in a wide array of colors. It applies a single, durable layer of worm proof coating to your jig or metal lure. The high gloss coating is much more resilient than regular paint and only requires a single coat. Our colors can easily be mixed together to make your own custom color. You can also apply more than one of our many colors for multi-tone finishes. | 2 oz.

To apply, preheat your lure with a cigarette lighter, torch or oven at 350 degrees for a few seconds. Immediately dip the lure into the powder coat and remove, shaking off excess powder. The coating should melt onto the lure in a few seconds and form a glossy finish when cool. For extra durability, cure the lure in a 350-degree oven for 15 minutes or 250 degrees for 25 minutes if using a jig head with weed guard.