SpearPoint Offset Worm Hook

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Spearpoint Hooks was built to work with the most popular baits on the market, making easy rigging.

The Offset Worm Hook (OSW) was designed to be versatile and is perfect for a wide range of soft plastic applications. The OSW will help you hook and land more fish compared to competing hook brands.

Spearpoint Performance Hooks will make your competitors envy you!


  • The OSW provides instant hook penetration which allows the barb to penetrate deep into the fish’s mouth for increased hook up ratios.
  • Like all Spearpoint Hooks, the OSW is equipped with Spearpoint’s proven VGrip® Technology. Spearpoint Performance Hooks, Patent Pending VGrip® Technology forces the fish to the "V" of the hook which holds the fish in place.
  • Sticky Sharp Piercing Point for rock solid hook sets-Patent Pend. design for ultimate fish holding power-Improved hook set
  • Ultimate landing ratios