SHL Finesse Fish Head Spin

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The Patented Fish Head Spin™ takes on hard to catch fish, whether they're waiting for prey or actively feeding. The Fish Head Spin™ is a versatile bait that can be fished at any water depth. No fish can resist the realistic look and action of the Fish Head Spin™! The Original and Patented Fish Head Spin™.


  • It’s proven design features 3D holographic eyes and realistic, multi-stage paint patterns for realistic color presentations. All colors shown are hand painted, therefore color variations may occur.
  • It is great for those hard to catch suspended fish as well as those holding close to the bottom.
  • It is also great for shallow water presentations!
  • The Fish Head Spin™ can be fished around bridge pilings, around brush and docks, or in open water.
  • Add your favorite curly tail, paddle tail, or fluke style trailer for great action.