Shimano Reel Curado BFS XG

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Redefining finesse fishing for bass anglers everywhere, the Shimano Curado BFS Baitcasting Reels expand the Curado lineup into a specialty class of baitcasters gaining steam in North America. Inspired by the BFS (Bait Finesse System) baitcasting reels of the Japanese domestic market, the Curado BFS utilizes an ultra-lightweight and extremely shallow spool to allow anglers to cast lightweight lures more effectively. Simply put, this reel is the ultimate baitcaster for light line, small bait finesse applications that most bass anglers would designate to spinning gear. The key to this new Curado's ability to function so well where other baitcasters would fail lies in Shimano's Finesse Tune Brake (FTB) system. This system reduces the spool's weight by moving the braking unit from the spool to the palm-side sideplate, allowing the spool to have extremely low startup inertia and will effectively turn with the minimal force of a light cast. Unlike traditional magnetic brake systems that maintain the same drag on the spool throughout the cast, the FTB capitalizes on the cast's centrifugal force and the magnetic brakes automatically adjust to slow down the spool only when braking is needed. This braking system is fully adjustable with the external dial or by adding or removing individual magnets as needed. Ideal for anyone who frequently downsizes their presentations to target finicky bass, the Curado BFS allows anglers to break the shackles of spinning tackle when it comes to light tackle fishing.