Shimano Reel Curado 300 K

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Built for trophy hunters who seek quality over quantity, the Shimano Curado 300 K Baitcasting Reels offer proven toughness and dependability in a size that specializes in big baits for big fish. Incorporating a deep 300-size spool intended for heavy line and the needed capacity for extra-long casts, the Curado 300 features a long handle with wide-grip knobs to provide anglers with the extra power that's necessary when pulling on giant bass, pike, or musky. At the core of the reel's strength is the rigid HAGANE Body that prevents flex and frame distortion when that giant finally decides to commit. Available in two gear ratio options, anglers can choose the right reel to match their fishing style and needs. Engineered with power in mind, the standard 4.7:1 model pulls double-duty for anglers fishing slower, methodical presentations, or when fishing with Alabama rigs, large swimbaits, or magnum crankbaits. The 6.6:1 gear ratio model provides a slightly faster retrieve and is ideal for anglers aggressively working baits or for quickly picking up slack line when topwater fishing. Built to perform when the fish of a lifetime is on the line, Shimano created the Curado 300 for those who never back down from the toughest fishing challenges.