Seaguar Blue Label Fluorocarbon Leader

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Blue Label Fluorocarbon Leader – Incredible Impact and Abrasion Resistance. Fast Sinking, Double Structure for Strength and Softness. The Original Fluoro Leader

Seaguar Blue Label Leader Material is known the world over for its incredible impact strength and abrasion resistance. No wonder it’s one of our best sellers.

Our exclusive double-structure process fuses two 100% fluorocarbon resins to create a leader with exceptional knot and tensile strength.

Virtually invisible; made in Japan with cutting-edge innovation. It’s a versatile choice that’s proven on the water for dependability and consistency.


  • DSF - Exclusive Double-Structure process creates line that’s both strong and supple.
  • ABRASION RESISTANCE - Made for fishing around logs, rocks, docks, and in heavy grass.
  • LEVEL WIND - Eliminates cross contact of line to maintain strength and for enhanced castability