Seaguar AbrazX Musky & Pike Leader Coil

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AbrazX Musky & Pike Leader Coil, Abrasion Resistant, Premium, 100% Fluorocarbon, Incredible Knot & Tensile Strength; Soft with Low Memory, Virtually Invisible

With unparalleled abrasion resistance and strength, Seaguar AbrazX Musky & Pike Leader material is proven to deliver in the nastiest conditions and stands up when running baits through heavy weed cover

Extremely soft and made from 100% Seaguar fluorocarbon resins so it's virtually invisible; made in Japan with cutting-edge innovation

Built to target toothy fish, this leader material features smaller line diameters with incredible knot & tensile strength.

A strong, stealthy replacement for wire leaders and less damaging to the fish's skin than wire.


  • ABRASION RESISTANCE - Made for fishing around logs, rocks, docks, and in heavy grass.
  • CASTABILITY - Soft and supple so the line flows off the reel for easy casting.
  • KNOT STRENGTH - Gives you a better, more reliable connection to lures and hooks.