Savage Gear Pulse Tail Pinfish RTF

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Based of the scan of an actual pinfish, the photoprint details and patent-pending Pulsetail design make this innovative swimbait look and move like the real thing. That lifelike appearance and action make it an exceptional bait for anglers targeting big fish, even those that have seen it all, especially in clear waters with heavy fishing pressure. Its builtin harness delivers the perfect sink rate with just the right amount of buoyancy to allow this lure to sit upright in a natural position, even when completely still. Its embedded rattle and scent-infused PVC body add still more sensory elements that tip the scales in the angler’s favor by convincing big fish that they’re going after the real thing.


  • Ultra-Realistic Photoprint Details
  • Patent-Pending Pulsetail Design
  • Tail Cavity Allows The Angler To Add A Rattle Or Scent
  • Heavy-Duty Jig Hook
  • Built-In Rattle
  • Infused With Scent To Enhance Response In Predators