Savage Gear 3D Suicide Duck

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A killer lure for pike, bass, musky and big, brutal catfish It is said that a great topwater strike counts for 10 regular hits – tie on the Suicide Duck and judge for yourself.

A highly realistic topwater duckling imitation lure loaded with innovative features. The 3D scanned details will fool even the most cautious predator fish and ensure brutal attacks and hook-ups.

It is made with a hard, ultra-strong ABS body with semi soft and durable feet. The spinning feet give the lure an incredible lively splashing action, leaving a bubble trail in its wake, calling in predator fish from distance.

For open water fishing, two feather-covered treble hooks, one on the chest and one on the back clipped to the body, ensure a good hook-up rate. For fishing in snaggy conditions, you can easily remove the treble hook on the belly – the lure is designed so it always lands on the belly with the exposed treble hook on the back.


The lure has two styles of action:

  • attach the line to the beak and the lure will run with a low, discreet posture, like a duckling trying to hide and escape at the same time.
  • attach the line to the chest and the lure will run higher, with a more panicky fleeing action. The lure can be fished fast or slow, with steady retrieve or long pulls – mimicking a duckling in the most realistic way.