Rat-L-Trap Tiny Trap 1/8oz

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No other hard bait can boast the fish-catching success of the legendary Bill Lewis Rat-L-Trap® Tiny Trap®. With its flashy shad-like profile and super-tight wiggle, it’s impossible to fish wrong. Great for a finesse bite – match the hatch with this action-packed ultralight.

This lure produces sound that is nearly identical to the sound made by distressed bait fish, which leads to attracting predator fish and stimulating an aggressive feeding response. This simple-to-use lipless crankbait is a must have for locating and catching fish.


  • Premium Mustad Hooks
  • Multiple Sizes from 1/8 oz to 1-1/2 oz
  • Distressed Bait Fish Sound
  • Depth: Sinking